Software Development

Requirements Analysis, Solution Architecture, Object Oriented Development, Web Applications, Rich Clients, Data Persistence, Object Relational Mapping, Database Schema Generation, Legacy Data Migration, Multithreading and Concurrency, Session Handling, Performance Optimization, Design Patterns, Reports Generation, etc.

Developer Support

Pair Programming, Code Review, Refactoring, Project Layout, Build Management, Release Management, Dependency Management Optimization, Agile Best Practices.

Engineering Support

Server Configuration, Automation of Release Builds and Deployments, Infrastructure Management, Installation, Extension and Configuration of Tools like Adobe CQ5(AEM), Jenkins, Sonar, JIRA and Confluence.

Agile Quality Assurance

Test Driven Development, Quality Best Practices, Process Optimization, Tools Optimization, Test Automation, Continuous Integration.

Our Motto

Always make things as simple as possible without compromising quality. Innovate only for real requirements and minimize complexity.

Efficience is nothing about bits and bytes, it's something about resources and cost of maintenance.


Always keep developers free of repetitive infrastructure tasks. Automate as much as possible and let developers concentrate on business and quality.

Invest in excelent development and test infrastructure hardware: bits and bytes are peanuts! the really expensive pain is wasted developer time.

Invest wisely in agile quality assurance: test coverage level and code quality constraints should be an essential part of the Defintion of Done.

Prevent a test code maintenance nightmare: apply design and quality constraints even to test code

SmartInTouch - Software Engineering and Consulting
founded by Mayo Fragoso
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